Today  two members of the family are enologists,and  besides studying enology and viticulture, they learned a lot by working in the sector, in production and science laboratories.... more

Mozaik is a cuvée of Merlot (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) and Istrian Borgonja (20%). Borgonja is another variety local to Istria that, alongside the more popular Teran, is an excellent... more
Chardonnay COSSETTO

World's most popular white grape variety widely spread all over the world. Grown on ruddle(red soil), it gaines the special Mediterranean charm, which allows it to be aged in oak barrels... more
Cabernet Sauvignon COSSETTO

The wine is colored from dark red to grenadine with granulated and well- integrated tannins and stressed fruit notes. In the bouquet you can feel the elegance of smoked fruit aroma and spices... more
Malvazija Rustica COSSETTO

We produce Malvazija ‘Rustica’ from 100% white Istrian Malvasia grapes. This is a particular style of wine that is produced only in exceptional years, ie, when climactic conditions allow it... more
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