Malvazija Rustica COSSETTO

We produce Malvazija ‘Rustica’ from 100% white Istrian Malvasia grapes. This is a particular style of wine that is produced only in exceptional years, ie, when climactic conditions allow it (a dry autumn without rain).
Grapes for this wine are harvested 30 days after the regular Malvasia harvest. Each vine shoot is cut off and left in the vineyard to dry.
The grapes are then harvested in shallow wooden crates and transported to the cellar where they are air dried for the next 20 days. After that they are crushed by the criomaceration method for 48 hours, pressed and then controlled fermentation takes place in stainless steel barrels. Upon completion of fermentation followed by ageing in tono oak barrels (500 litre capacity) the wine is left for between 6 months and one year, depending on the wine’s condition.

Wine description
Rustica is the colour of old gold. It has a strong, noble and complex aroma dominated by dry-candied fruits, honey and caramel. Its taste too is rich, complex and harmonious, staying long in the mouth, with a sophisticated bitter aftertaste.

The wine contains 15.5% ABV vol.

Serving temperature: 10 -12°C

This pairs well with truffle dishes, venison and mature cheeses as well as simple desserts (walnut, poppy, almond cakes)
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