Today  two members of the family are enologists,and  besides studying enology and viticulture, they learned a lot by working in the sector, in production and science laboratories.

Due to a large Malmsey market in Istria, we wanted our Malvasia to be a bit different, we wanted a characteristically indigenous wine that can stay bottled longer. Specifically, our Malmsey is characterized by a higher alcohol (13.3 vol%), lower total acids
(5.1 g / l) of malic not exceeding 0,5-0,8 g / l, of expressive gold color, of  smell dominated by ripe fruit (peach, apricot, mango, lemon) and of coast , full, rounded, persistent, long taste duration after a sip.

The challenge is to make a quality Malmsey and stay recognizable. Therefore, we cultivate a style which we wish to point out by accenting the wine structure. Therefore, the smell is less pronounced (gentle) reminiscent of ripe tropical and citrus fruit, and the taste offers fullness, fleshiness, harmony, and not so stressed freshness. Simply put, we will get the wine to stay remembered after drinking. Our wine gets the Malmsey charm a bit later, in June, but therefore “stays in shape” for a longer period.
Malmsey Cossetto is labeled IQ(Istrian quality) for already four years, among various rewards from wine exhibitions.

It is the only wine variety in Istria which accompanies so many diverse dishes, and satisfies so many various tastes.

It’s best served with: gold fish tartar  in olive oil, mild (young) cheese, white meat in lighter sauces.
Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C

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