With the new school year right around the corner, TEAM 皇冠体育官网 welcomes the following faculty and staff.

夫人. 辛迪Bonfim joins TEAM 皇冠体育官网 as a 2nd-grade teacher. She has taught elementary school for 20 years including kindergarten, 2nd 年级,5th grade, and Elementary Science lab. 夫人. Bonfim received her Bachelor of Science from Mercer University and her master’s from the University of Georgia. She and her husband, Sammy, have three daughters who attend 皇冠体育官网. 露西正在成长th 平地机; Sophie is a rising 8th 平地机; Anna Kraft is a rising 4th 平地机. 她喜欢读书。, 园艺, visiting the beach with her family, and searching for beach treasures with her girls. Welcome to TEAM 皇冠体育官网, 夫人. Bonfim! 



夫人. 安娜·利·哈奇森 will serve as the 较低的学校 STEM Teacher. 源自佩里, she received her Bachelor of 艺术s in criminal justice with minors in chemistry and biology from Mercer University. 夫人. Hutcheson has spent the last five years in the ministry at Ingleside Baptist Church. She is married to 较低的学校 Music Teacher Brayden Hutcheson. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, pickleball, and cheering on Alabama football. Welcome to TEAM 皇冠体育官网, 夫人. 哈钦森!

Mr. 皮特·基德 will be teaching 高中 AP Language and American Literature. He is originally from Roswell, GA, and received his master’s degree from Georgia College. An extensive traveler, Mr. 基德 has visited all the continental 48 states. Interestingly, he used to be a Waffle House cook. Welcome to TEAM 皇冠体育官网, Mr. 基德!



米歇尔·利文斯顿 joins as a Pre-K teacher’s aide. A registered nurse, she has worked as the after-hours manager at Primary Pediatrics. 夫人. 利文斯顿 and her husband live in Gray. Three of their children attend 皇冠体育官网. Natalie in 9th grade; Noah John in 4th grade; Ava Piper in kindergarten. They also have a one-year-old named Hayes. In her spare time, she enjoys landscape 园艺 and design. 有趣的事实是……. 利文斯顿 is in the beginning stages of starting a Christmas tree farm and pumpkin patch. Welcome to TEAM 皇冠体育官网, 夫人. 利文斯顿!


夫人. 克里斯托·鲁克,蒙特福德 joins 皇冠体育官网 as a teacher’s aide in 夫人. Tabitha Hinson’s 4K class. She graduated from 西field School in Perry, GA, and attended Middle Georgia State University, where she obtained her associates in business. She went on to Middle Georgia Technical College, where she received a degree in Dental Hygiene. 14年来,奥巴马夫人一直在努力. Rooks worked in family practice as an oral health care educator. She and her husband, Davey, have two daughters who attend 皇冠体育官网. Kleveland is a rising 4th 平地机, and Kalli Rose is a rising 1st 平地机. Together, they enjoy hunting, fishing, cooking, and 园艺. Most of all, they enjoy their time together at the beach. Welcome to TEAM 皇冠体育官网, 夫人. 除了你自己,不要责怪任何人!



Mr. 大卫听见 将担任9th 和10th 年级圣经教师. Born in Columbus, GA, Mr. Newberry has lived in Macon for more than 12 years. He received his bachelor’s degree from Mercer University and is currently working on his Master of Divinity. He has worked as director of student ministries at Northeast Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, and as youth intern at First Presbyterian Church in Macon. Mr. Newberry loves playing, watching, and coaching soccer. He also enjoys working out, trying out local coffee shops, cheering all things Mercer (GO BEARS!), and cheering for Auburn football. He and his wife Calleene have two dogs Storm and Hank. Welcome to TEAM 皇冠体育官网, Mr. Newberry!


Ms. 凯特琳西 will serve as a 1st-grade teacher. She grew up in Jesup, GA, and her family still lives there. Ms. 西 attended Mercer University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in elementary and special education. She is also currently pursuing her master’s degree. Previously, she worked as a 1st-grade teacher at Skyview Elementary. She loves to read, and in just the last year, she has read more than 100 books. She also enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time with her cute dog. Welcome to TEAM 皇冠体育官网, Ms. 西!